Hi there and thanks for stopping by!

I’m Darlene, a San Francisco Bay Area-based ceramist and illustrator. I enjoy creating whimsical animals and creatures as well as functional pottery which utilize my illustration and painting skills. I also enjoy the process of creating in 3D, and it's fun to see creations take shape and develop their own personalities. As a passionate traveler, I draw much of my inspiration for my work from trips abroad, as well as from nature and my own surroundings, and my own overly-large inner world. I try not to take myself too seriously (but don’t always succeed), and infuse my pieces with my quirky sense of humor. I am learning to embrace the imperfections of working with clay.


In college, I studied Graphic Design and Art. After working 11 years in apparel, I returned to my roots to work in the Art Materials industry and then as a graphic designer and illustrator. I began painting with oils and acrylics in 2000 and switched to ceramics in 2014. My work has been exhibited in various shows around the Bay Area.  


When I’m not creating art, I enjoy gardening, cooking, bike riding, yoga and traveling. I have two phenomenal grown daughters, and share my home with my wonderful husband and 2 obnoxious Abyssinian cats who assist me in the studio by jumping on my shoulders while I'm working, and breaking pieces that do not meet their exceptional standards.