My Process

  1. What does "Hand-Built" mean?

All of my ceramics, from the scuptures to platters, are hand-built, which means I do not use a potter's wheel (I'm hopeless at that - it's not pretty!), so I form my pieces by hand. Platters, ornaments, small bowls and things like that start with a "slab", where I roll out the clay on a "slab roller"; to about 1/4" thick or more. Scuptures start with a blob of clay, which I add on to and modify to create the piece. Once the scupture is in a certain state of dryness, I slice it in 1/2 (or more) and carve out the inside.

2.  What does "Sgraffito" mean?

Sgraffito is an Italian term, meaning to "scratch" the decoration into an object. In working with clay, it means the piece is dried to a leather-hard state, painted, and then carved, not scratched, to create a design or pattern. This often resembles the look of wood-cut.

3. Are pieces safe for food?

All of the underglazes and glazes I use are certified Non-Toxic, Lead Free, and Safe for Food. That being said, the actual piece itself is not edible.

4.  Can I put my platter in the dishwasher?

Yes. Ceramics are dishwasher and microwave safe.My recommendation for helping your piece last longer would be to hand-wash.

5.  Do you make custom designs or do commissions?

If you see a design on my website that is not currently available or you would like another color (e.g. the solid color on the back of a sgraffito platter), contact me and we can talk about it. My timing on this is difficult to estimate. Each piece must go through 2 firings and I can only fire when I have a full kiln load. Minimum time-line for a custom piece is 6-8 weeks.


  1. How do you ship?
I am currently exploring options, and right now I use USPS & UPS as I work through my learning curve. I use recycled boxes as much as possible and wrap and pad your piece well so that it will arrive safely.
2.  How do your shipping rates work?
They are currently calculated according to USPS & UPS rates, based on weight. Keep in mind that pottery can be heavy.
3.  Can I pick up?

I'm happy to have you pick up at my house. Contact me and we can arrange contactless pick-up. 

  1. Do you deliver?

If you live in the LaMorinda area, I'm happy to deliver to your home. I deliver free to a 6 mile radius.

  1. When should I expect my new pottery?

I try to ship within three days of order and will send you tracking information. If you are in a rush, I can do that; however, the shipping rates will reflect the delivery timing.

  1. Do you ship overseas?

I ship to U.S. addresses only.

6. Will you gift-wrap and send to my recipient?

If you've purchased a piece as a gift, I'm happy to, gift-wrap and send it to the recipient, along with a little card and your wishes. After check-out, you'll see a box to leave me a note to indicate that you would like gift-wrapping. Please tell me how you'd like the card to read. ​I will send you an email confirming the information.

  1. What if I'm not happy with my purchase?
My hope is that you love your new piece! However, if you are not satisfied, please notify me within 5 days of receiving the order. I will be happy to refund or credit. You'll be responsible for return shipping costs.


If your piece arrives damaged, please contact me immediately and send a photo so that we can report it to USPS.